Technical specifation:

Foundation – in the place of projects prepared the foundation with height of 40cm and blockage and insert of surfaces of base pilot and 10-15 cm concreting by using of foundation of building for skeleton and insert of wall panels in the shortest time.

Chassis- ready cement blocks on the base of the insert maps and iron beams of the floor chassis and especial profiles on them connected with bolt and nut to each other and then nut the galvanize surfaces and surfaces of board or multilayer on them.

Floor cover- used of ceramics or floor covers on the foundation and surfaces of board cement that approved by employer for cover.

structure; given kind and sizes of buildings, nut or welded pre made structure that made by various profiles of colors and on the base plate.

Wall: used in the covers of walls of various products.

A: 2 levels  alozink sandwich panel with compound poly yurtan covers in the various thickness 5-15.

B: thickness of compound industrial plaster and cement board with galvanize formed profiles or surfaces with stone wool cover or poly stairen or poly yurtan or surfaces PVC or poly wood.

Roof: external roof cover of sandwich panel or surfaces of crockery surfaces and andolin and in the internal roofs of gybsum board 60*60 or suitable lambeh wood.

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