Human force:

Pars Panel Company in its activity time achieved experienced and skillful personnel through training and using of train work in the known foreign systems.

Technical personnel of this company with complete familiarity to work of pre fob pieces and equipments play key role in quality and beauty of buildings.

Equipments :

Pars panel company through study and investigation and observing of developed countries in this systems and with cooperation with in and out producer factories of machineries used of the best and modern of them for more speed and efficiency.

Pars panel is pioneer in the pre fob industry.

Cheapest prices , highest quality in the shortest time

Simple design , suitable area

Beautiful, fast and cheap

Suitable with kinds of climates and kinds of cultures

With the ability of transform and connect to others

Sound /temperature covers and resistance against earthquake

Calmness and easily    


Unit 3,NO. :13, Shahid Jafar Ein Abadi alley , Shahid Kolahdooz St(Doulat Ave) , Tehran ,Iran

Tel :22575838- 26471253-26471248

Email : [email protected]
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