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Wall and roof panels and structure of style of the pre made fob houses in the factories and work shops in various areas of produce and suitable packing transformed to the places of projects, so reduced the mass of operation in the area of the projects.

Kinds of used buildings in the pre fob systems are such as the following:

Villa and residential buildings

Dormitory and stuff, labor and management camps

Office books and restaurant and sport saloon


Workshops and general sainatry services

Pre fob systems in the country are in 2 kinds:

A: building with insert of pieces in the area of projects – in this system packed all of pieces of wall , roof, structure and another sections, and send to the place of project and performed on the foundation or chasses and instal and montage in various and suitable size on the base of the approved maps. ( with ability of transform and re insert and replacing pieces )

B: ready, connets systems and transformbale with trucks and with ability of connecting some connets to other  in the place of project with limited sizes involved resident and office connects and kinds of caravan and sanitary service connets

Specialized and experienced personnel+ improved equipment + speed, effectiveness and quality 

Multi-storey buildings Public Toilets Shelter and Kiosk Inside the building
The villa and residential buildings Administrative offices, restaurants and sports halls Dormitory and camps employees and management
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