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In our country Iran,the conventional methods of construction still continuous, despite the fact that due to the geographic position of the country there is high risk of earthquakes and other natural misfortunes, the modern industrial methods of construction have not found their place yet.

Nowadays, prefabricated construction industry is becoming more and popular.

There are many advantages to the industry, insulation, seismic resistance, durability and economical as well as low maintenance is name a few.

In large projects where quick dwelling is required and where there is shortage of skilled labour, the prefabricated system is most useful, it is know as the most economical and quick construction system.

Pars panel prefabricated building company (PJS) benefits from 30 years of experience in production and installation of such buildings. the skilled, specialized and equipped personnel and experienced management have taken big steps in promotion of the industry. the company also benefits from its prefabricated panels production line in tehran mill.

Preparing quick workshops at project sites for rapid erection and installation of necessary  buildings such as,dormitories, restaurants, warehouses, office and public services and mobilizing sites and public workshops for different projects,using sandwich panels, have been largely in demand.

Pars panel has performed projects in south of Iran,especially in pars energy region north and south (Asaluyeh), Iraq and Middle East countries.

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